5 Factors to Consider in a Cloud Warehouse Management System

5 Factors to Consider in a Cloud Warehouse Management System

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Having a well-managed inventory is very necessary for running an efficient e-Commerce fulfillment process. Doing this may involve processing multiple orders with a little mistake so that you can focus more on improving cash flow, increasing sales, and satisfying your customers. This will make them happy and will also ultimately ensure that your fulfillment operations are successful.

Prior to this, a good warehouse management system plays a major role in managing your inventory efficiently. The system also processes all incoming orders across many marketplaces in no time with reduced errors. In addition, automating the management process of your warehouse requires implementing a proper cloud-based warehouse management solution.

Things to look out for in a WMS as an e-Commerce Fulfillment Company:

It is imperative to select a Warehouse Management System(WMS) specifically made for e-Commerce fulfillment.Therefore, while selecting an e-Commerce fulfillment WMS, here are a few things to look out for:

#1: Order fulfillment from Multiple Warehouses

This feature is very important because a good WMS should be able to integrate your inventory across your many warehouses. This would help you fulfill multi-location orders in the most profitable approach and in little time as well as help increase productivity.

#2: Separation of Inventory For Multiple Clients

In relation to your company’s data on past selling trend and behaviors, the Warehouse Management System is expected to have the intelligence to separate earmark and also store the different inventories of specific clients respectively. This feature helps makes inventory management and control faster and more accurate.

#3: Prepare Integration to Marketplaces

This is needed to help with the quick onboarding of customers. This feature requires the WMS used by your e-Commerce fulfillment center is properly integrated with affiliate marketplaces. The WMS will provide ready integrations with top marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, etc. so you’ll have an automatic and smooth syncing of incoming orders for both processing and fulfillment.

#4: Flexible Billing

Billing customers for purchases are dependent on a lot of factors,including product mix, order lot size, delivery location, etc. A good WMS should have the flexibility to automate and include such fluctuations when billing. The cloud-based WMS from Meadewillis.comis a good WMS that perfectly incorporates this feature.

#5: Client Portal

A Warehouse Management System should not only play the major role of integrating and syncing your 3PLcompany with affiliate 3PL companies;it must be able to manage multiple clients by implementing a single screen interface –portal- to ensure effective business operations.

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