5 Things Divorce Attorney Wish They Could Let Their Clients Know

5 Things Divorce Attorney Wish They Could Let Their Clients Know

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The relationship a client shares with his client is sacred. From the moment you hire a lawyer to retaining him or her to listening to advice offered, the lawyer is ethically bound to you for holding secrecy about you, your case, and all that you disclose to him/her. In short, your attorney cannot talk or mention about your case in public or to any of the third parties unless you permit him to do so.

Divorce is a very stressful process for both individuals involved and the attorney representing the case. Handling family cases is not easy. Divorce attorneys need to work really hard to achieve favorable and fair results.

There are some things divorce attorney really wishes his/her client to know but doesn’t tell for the sake of maintaining the sacrosanct relationship with you as a client. Here’s what your attorney wishes he could let you know:

  1. You Call Him a Lot – That’s a LOT!

Do you call your attorney too often? Well, that will do no good to you but only break your bank with the number of phone calls made. Did you know most attorneys charge on an hourly basis? The rules are already stated in your retainer agreement. Attorney’s time is very precious. Clients pay for it. So make sure you call only when it is necessary.

  1. Your Attorney is No Therapist

They aren’t. Period. They are ready to talk to you as long as you wish to. However, you shouldn’t be surprised upon getting the bill. They understand you require venting and talking it all out. However, this isn’t the job of a lawyer. Your therapist is meant to do this. Spend this money to consult a qualified professional counselor.

Don’t contact your attorney unless it is very necessary. The attorney will give you periodic updates on the case status. Daily calls are not necessary.

  1. Help your Attorney to Help Him Help You!

Are you listening to your attorney’s advice? If you don’t, then there’s no point cribbing about things not happening the way they should! Remember that attorneys expect clients to listen to them. If you didn’t want to adhere to advice of your attorney, why did you hire him in the first place?

  1. He won’t Represent You because You aren’t Paying

Yes, attorneys don’t serve clients for free. They provide you with their time, knowledge, skill, and efforts for which they expect to get paid too. Divorce cases involve a lot of money and couples get financially drained. Most attorneys are sensitive to the situation. However, they also need to pay their bills. So working for free is not their cup of tea. They simply cannot afford it. Speak to your attorney on a regular basis. Make sure you talk about money too if that’s an issue. Let him know if you are going through a financial crisis and how long it will take you to pay his bills. This will help him work out a plan for you and avoid delay in services.

  1. Parent Your Child – Alone or With your Ex

It is you chose to have children with your spouse. Now you must parent them, either on your own or with your ex. Attorneys know that most divorces occur over conflicts related to parenting. Also this can be a very stressful part of a divorce. However, the only way out is to either co-parent or do it single-handedly. If not, you will continue to go through court battles and conflict for many years to come.

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