A Quick Guide to Buying Corporate Workwear

A Quick Guide to Buying Corporate Workwear

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If you run your own business, the clothing and uniform that your staff wear are probably a lot more important than you think, so it’s important to put some time and thought into it, not just for the benefit of your staff and your business, but your customers and clients too.


First impressions count for a lot, so here’s a quick guide to buying corporate clothing.

Ensure Brand Consistency

The most important thing to take into consideration when purchasing corporate workwear is that there’s a level of consistency with your overall brand because, in effect, your uniform is just like an extra marketing tool.


Of course, this means that things such as the logo, colours and fonts should be the same as they are on any other pieces of marketing for your business, but it also extends to the overall look and style of the garments.

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For example, if your business usually portrays a very professional and stylish image, then your workwear needs to reflect this, perhaps with dark colours and a bit more style.


On the other hand, if your business is a bit more relaxed, then you have more free reign and can go for a more casual look.


Remember, your employee’s workwear is a reflection of your brand and when potential customers see your staff, they’ll instantly make snap judgements about the business, rightly or wrongly!


If you’re in any doubt as to how important branded uniform is to a business, check out this post from Business Matters.

Consult Your Team

Especially if you don’t currently have an imposed uniform, asking your staff to wear new clothes can cause a bit of unrest, so it’s a very good idea to consult them first.


If they spend a lot of time doing hands-on work, then the key considerations need to be whether the uniform will be comfortable for them while they’re working and that it’s well-fitted and durable, as it’s going to be put through the wringer a bit more than if they were sat behind a desk.


If they will be working in an office environment, you will want something that looks a bit nicer and that they’re going to feel happy wearing.


Whatever the case may be, if your employees don’t feel comfortable wearing their uniform, then you’re not going to get the best out of them, so be sure to take their feedback into account.

Stitching or Printing

One of the big decisions that you’ll have to make about your workwear is whether to have the designs stitched or printed onto the garments.


According to Preston-based Stitch Embroidery: “Stitching is the more hard-wearing of the two options and has a more ‘quality’ look to it, but printing can work out a lot cheaper, so it really depends on the needs of the business. Printing also works a lot better for more intricate logos.”

Always Get a Preview

Wherever you choose to get your branded workwear from, be sure that you’re able to see a physical sample before placing your order.


Not only does this allow you to verify the quality of the garments before you sign on the dotted line, but you can also make any last minute tweaks to make sure that everything’s just as you want it.


Designs can look great on a screen, but it’s only when you have the garment in your hands that some issues start to come to the fore.

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