Florida Tax Collector Proposes Budget Increase to Cover E-Check Fee

Florida Tax Collector Proposes Budget Increase to Cover E-Check Fee

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Last month, Duval County constitutional offices and the courts (judiciary, clerk’s office, public defender and state attorney) considered the proposed 2017-18 general final budget. During this third session of the City Council Finance Committee’s analysis, all proposed budgets passed – along with one, unexpected proposal.

According to the Daily Record, “Duval County Tax Collector Michael Corrigan proposed increasing his office’s budget by up to $60,000 so the city could pay the $2.50 per e-check service charge currently paid by customer.”

Corrigan explained that e-check is part of the tax collector’s menu of online payment options. 15,000 e-checks will be process this year alone. Next year, this number is expected to increase by another 3,000. This option has become popular because it costs less for customers than paying the 2.5 percent credit card service charge on a large amount (e.g. annual property tax bill).

Corrigan went on to say that the simplicity of online payment options mean fewer people have to go to the main office or a branch to pay. Since this reduces the need for staff and facilities, it can also lead to net savings. “As Jacksonville grows, we’ll have to hire more employees – or have fewer people come to our offices,” Corrigan explained.

Council Auditor Kyle Billy agreed with Corrigan, “If it keeps people from coming into branches, it could mean savings. We could put it in there and see what happens.”

The additional appropriation was approved by the committee, along with the tax collector’s proposed $5.9 million budget. It will go into effect Oct. 1.

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