Benefits of Cremation and the Process

Benefits of Cremation and the Process

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Although it may feel unusual to plan if you want to be cremated or buried, it is important to make the decision ahead of time to ensure that your family members understand your preference. In past years, most people were buried, but an increasing number of people are getting cremated. Many benefits come with cremation when you are planning for the future, including cost and environmental concerns.


Cremation is favored due to its lowprice, which can make it affordable for most families. When a loved one passes away, the cost of the funeral and burial can cost up to $15,000 and can be difficult to afford. Fortunately, getting cremated will lessen the burden on your spouse or children because it is only a fraction of the cost. You can easily set aside the funds or pay for the creation ahead of time to ensure that it is fully covered.

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Choose Your Funeral

With cremation, you can choose to have any type of funeral that you prefer to ensure that your family members and friends can mourn and honor your memory. You can prefer to have a small funeral that only involves a few people in your life in a rural area or even have a traditional funeral. Making pre-arrangements with a funeral home can allow your family to understand exactly what you want and can make it a straightforward process.

Easier Process

Planning a funeral that involves cremation makes it an easier process because the family doesn’t have to rush to get the individual buried. Your loved ones won’t have to spend time selecting a casket, a cemetery plot, or a vault. You can save your family time and allow them to mourn instead of having them make certain decisions that fit within their budget.

A Green Option

Planning a Dallas cremation means choosing a green option that won’t have a harmful effect on the earth because it doesn’t take up land permanently. The embalming chemicals that are used are also cancerous and are at risk of leaking into the water table with a traditional burial. Each burial also requires over one ton of concrete and steel to be used. Many wooden caskets are often constructed out of unsustainable materials and can destroy many forests.

Stay Close to Your Loved Ones

Getting cremated can allow you to stay close to your loved ones because your ashes can be placed in an urn, box, or even a necklace. For those who want to remember you, they may prefer to place your ashes in a necklace that they wear each day or even in a ring, which can make for a special jewelry item that offers comfort.

Planning a cremation offers many benefits that will make it a more affordable and easier process for your loved ones once you pass away. By understanding the perks of the option, it can be easier to communicate what you desire with your family members and friends in advance.

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