Choosing the perfect Pipe Clamp for your business

Choosing the perfect Pipe Clamp for your business

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Pipe clamps have countless uses in various industries, have you got yours?

The clamps provided by Stauff Anglia are designed to prevent any hazards from occurring and are renowned for their ability to withstand high temperatures. When choosing stainless steel pipe clamps for your business, you want to make sure that they suit your application specifically, in order to choose the right clamps for your business, you should take into consideration the following:


Decide what the stauff pipe clamps are needed for before anything else. Are you looking for pipe clamps that prevent pipes from cracking? Perhaps you want to ensure that your business adheres to safety regulations?


Once you’ve established what the stainless steel pipe clamps are needed for, why not seek advice from the experts at Stauff Anglia? They will be more than happy to hear from you and to provide you with as much relevant advice, as possible.

Some of the pipe clamps are best suited to applications of high pressure whereas others make appropriate holding devices, so make sure that you choose wisely!

Stauff Anglia supply an extensive range of stainless steel pipe clamps. Why not choose from their range of Standard, Heavy and Twin pipe clamps or metal saddle clamps and u bolts today?


What size pipe clamps will fit best?

The size of the stainless steel clamps from Stauff Anglia vary, this is ideal because no two applications will require the same size clamp. The size varies depending on what type of work is required of the equipment too.

Stainless steel clamps are designed to offer a suitable solution for areas of limited space, they’re perfect for maximising space and can easily be installed to areas that are restricted.

The stauff pipe clamps start from as small as 4mm and range up to 450mm.

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There are various types of pipe clamp available from Stauff Anglia. The stauff pipe clamps are available in an assortment of materials, offering various levels of strength- some can withstand pressure whilst others are best suited to the environment and extreme conditions.

Overall, the stainless steel pipe clamps are perfect for holding pipes in place securely, however, they’re also designed to enhance the overall appearance of equipment, making it look more professional.

From Stauff Anglia, you have the choice of metal or polypropylene pipe clamps, all of which are manufactured to perform exceptionally under extreme conditions- don’t hesitate to check them out today!


The pipe clamps are in high demand from Stauff Anglia, they have countless benefits for various industries and are custom designed to suit your specific requirements. A pipe clamp provides a secure fit for various types of pipes, ensuring that there are fewer risks.

As with any of the products from Stauff Anglia, you can expect to receive the best value for money, all resisting the signs of ageing and to comply to DIN 3015 standards.

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