Comprehensive Business Office Supplies

Comprehensive Business Office Supplies

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Companies like IMS Franking in Aldermaston don’t just offer franking machine rental, they provide a complete mailroom and business service, from equipment to consultancy.

Business office supplies companies offer…

  • Franking machine rental.
  • Franking machine purchase.
  • Letter inserters.
  • Letter openers.
  • Excel mail monitors.
  • Computer hardware and supplies.
  • Computer software.
  • Office stationery supplies.

Office stationery supplies include…

  • Ink, toners and cartridges.
  • Franking machine labels.
  • Pens and pencils.
  • Office planning items.
  • Presentation stationery.
  • Desktop tools.
  • Cleaning products and tools.

The convenience of being able to use one firm, like IMS Franking, for all your business office supplies with 24/7 online account access is inestimable. The shop is never shut.

Royal Mail products

There is no need to find the prospect of changing from stamps to franking machine rental or purchase daunting. Royal Mail accredited firms are experts in their field and are happy to answer questions. It would be worrying if clients didn’t present business office supplies staff with queries.

What is business mail?

The full details are on the Royal Mail website, however, below is an overview.

Savings of up to 20% can be enjoyed by clients who meet accuracy requirements set by Royal Mail and are high volume users with post runs in excess of 500 items. The eligibility requirements vary dependant on the post being sorted, unsorted, large, small and machine readable.

Royal Mail attribute a license number to all their business mail users.

The more that a client does to ensure ease of processing as items progress through the Royal Mail network, from correct addresses and postcodes to visible addresses in window envelopes and clear handwriting, the better the rewards for businesses.

A 90% accuracy level offers a slightly lower discount than a 95% accuracy rate during Royal Mail sorting.

Cost saving consultancy

Leading suppliers can confidently advise clients about how to save money.

It may seem odd but did you know that by using smart technology franking machines the pricing from Royal Mail is at its lowest level?

Stamps, the lowest technology tool, cost the most.

Smart franking machines are eligible for Mailmark services and the best pricing so although the franking machine rental is an expenditure, the savings available with access to the best tools offset the cost extremely well.

On 27th March 2017 Royal Mail post prices increase once again. Don’t simply accept the fee, speak to business office supplies experts about a better solution.

1st class stamp:                            65p

Standard franking 1st class:     57p

Mailmark franking 1st class:    55p

So, 1000 stamped items per month adds £1200 to your annual overheads using this example and you can’t enjoy Mailmark tools.

Smart franking machine rental at £17.99 per month or £216 per year is 18% of the stamp fees paid annually. You have the other 82% to work with.

Would you happily stick to Windows-95 when Windows 10 is available?

A small investment of your time can lead to a pleasing decrease in business and office stationery supplies costs whilst increasing productivity and efficiency.

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