Creating Office Zones with High Quality Partitions

Creating Office Zones with High Quality Partitions

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If you are thinking about creating collaborative workplace zones to help improve productivity and staff morale, look no further than high quality partitions. Designing a new office layout can be achieved with ease if you decide to create spaces with partitions. Each area can be used for a different purpose, allowing workers to enter a zone and focus on specific tasks or just use the space to unwind.

Collaboration Zone

If you are working on a new strategy or brainstorming, you’ll need a specific area to meet your needs. Collaboration zones are an excellent addition to any office space, they are open planned areas which are fitted with office furniture to make the room comfortable. Some of the best workplace ideas come from employee suggestion meetings, but if you don’t have space for communication purposes, your workers won’t be able to work effectively in a team and an idea-based environment.

If you’d like to rearrange your office space, there are several good companies who specialise in partitions in Coventry. They can create a new conference room with luxury chairs and accessories or a more standard space with basic seating arrangements, it all depends on your preference.

Distraction Free Zone

A quiet zone is used as an area for staff to focus on important company tasks, you can use a wide variety of partition panels to design an area which is perfect for one on one or group settings. If your employees having a place to concentrate on their work with zero distractions, they’ll produce better work in record time. If you are aiming to improve workplace productivity, you should consider high-quality office partitions.

A quiet workplace zone can be fitted with a wide variety of office furniture such as chairs, desks and filing cabinets, they can also be installed using double glazing to improve visibility. You can also use this space as a phone free, laptop free area, this can encourage human interaction.

Private Zone

There are times when you’ll need a room for complete sensitive work projects or host private meetings with important clients and staff members. Creating a zone for private functions is easily done with partitions.

When constructing a private zone using partitions, you should include natural lighting, comfortable seating and an open layout. All these factors will boost productivity and encourage positive output.

Relaxation Zone

If you want your employees to enjoy working for you, you must copy progressive, multinational companies like Google and create a fun zone for your staff. If you work your staff to the bone, fatigue and demotivation will set in, so why not consider a relaxation zone equipped with items such as:

  • Pool Table
  • TV
  • Refreshments
  • Books
  • Relaxing Furniture
  • Games & Entertainment Consoles

Refurbishing your office space using partitions is a cost-effective way to transform your existing layout. They allow you to design your office in a way that suits your employees, creating a wide variety of zones each with a specific purpose. There are numerous companies available who can offer expert tips, supports and guidance when revamping your office.

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