Employee time tracking software for efficient and accurate control

Employee time tracking software for efficient and accurate control

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Where there are employees, there will always be time tracking system installed in the company or office. In old days, older system of time tracking was used which comprised of lots of paper or timesheets and manpower to input the data into the register or computer. Most of the companies have to hire multiple employees just only to track the time of other employees who are coming to work and spending hours on completing any task or project. But time tracking is not that easy as it may seem. It is an act of tracing that needs to be done on a daily basis and throughout the office timing. There is a lot of computation and calculation also going on at the back end. But the time has changed a lot, as most of the companies these days prefer to install employee time tracking System in office which maintains the data in real time and makes it easy for the business owner to keep an eye on office coming and leaving time. This software provides you with many attractive features such as:

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Facial recognition: the software provides with facial recognition feature using which you can mark your attendance in the software. This eliminates the process of punching your I-card in the machine or signing the attendance register. It is a very quick and fast process, you only need to stand in front of the biometric facial recognition touch screen and your attendance will be marked.

Scheduling and leave management: software also provides you with scheduling and leaves management feature using which you as well as your employees can keep a track on their work schedule and leaves that they have taken and leaves that are remaining. Every single employee can generate his own schedule manually from the software. All they need to do is synchronize their mobile device with the software itself.

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