How Should Business Use Self-Storage in London?

How Should Business Use Self-Storage in London?

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London is well known for its bustling streets, busy shoppers and businesses on just about every corner. Space is at a premium in the city, but with the sheer volume of companies that occupy the largest capital in Europe, it’s no wonder businesses have a tough time storing their possessions when the need arises.

The problem that businesses have in London is there is so much equipment, plant, furniture, documents, saleable goods and belongings that needs storing away for a set period of time, that there does not seem to be any room or anywhere to store it.

So, how should business firms in London go about using self-storage? City Store Self-Storage in Camden is the absolute ideal location to store goods and materials in one of London’s most bustling districts.

The location for storage is just off the Chalk Farm Road, about two or three minutes’ walk from the tube station at Chalk Farm. It is just around the corner from the famous Roundhouse Theatre.

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It is ideal for business to store goods here, so that the client can gain easy access to stock as and when it is needed. The lock up self-storage facilities can be accessed and used seven days a week.

There is a document service where clients can have such material collected and delivered to your premises by motorbike courier on the same day. The type of businesses that use self-storage at the Camden depot are market traders, offices with thousands of pieces of documents and shops with too much stock and too little space to store the items.

It is also a very cost-effective option to use self-storage in London’s bustling district of Camden, as leasing a building for storage can prove considerably more expensive than using easily accessible and local storage.

The City Store depot at Camden is located on Malden Crescent, which is just two minutes’ walk from the world-famous Stables Market. Many of the businesses located in Camden Market use self-storage when stock levels exceed the space available to them within the market.

Many of the markets inside the Stables are only trading for a part of the year. During the fallow months when there is no trading, or another trader has taken lease of the confined space you had, all stock and equipment needs to be placed away in a safe and secure environment.

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