How to choose the Event Photographer for your corporate event

How to choose the Event Photographer for your corporate event

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Have you ever done a search for an Event Photographer online, only to be overloaded with an abundance of options that just seem rather, erm, ‘samey’?

Well, here’s one tip that will show you how to choose the event photographer for your next corporate event.

Look for originality.

That’s right – hardly earth shattering, right? See, it’s a given that any self-respecting photographer will have similar credentials.

Perhaps they even have a similar portfolio. The same shots, of the same types of people, doing the same things.

So it stands to reason that all those event photographers you’ve found online, are all no doubt pretty good, but perhaps pretty unoriginal too.

Would it be a stretch to say that’s the one thing you don’t want your event – or its photos to be – Unoriginal? Generic? Even dare we say it, boring?

How do I pick an Event Photographer that’s going to offer originality though?

Have a guess who the most important person to please is when it comes to choosing an event photographer for your corporate event?

Of course, it’s the person hiring – the client – or to put it another way, you!

So why would you even think of hiring an event photographer that will think he’s the most important, and will only do things his way?

Coming back to originality, wouldn’t it be nice to choose an event photographer that offered a unique approach?

An event photographer that offers originality, both in their content and their approach?

With specialist conference and corporate event photographers such as The Photo Team, you can be reassured of a unique, original approach.

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In fact, they even have a four-step process that ensures their clients are left completely satisfied.


Here’s an original approach – to listen to the client and their needs. To ensure a singular focus on what the client wants, needs and will receive.


Whilst listening, check that your event photographer actually understands what you’re looking for, and most of all, that you understand everything they say.

Pivotal to understanding is clarity of language, not technical jargon or geeky photographer gossip.


Just like social media, event photography is all about engagement.

Photographers need to engage with their client, and provide excellent customer communication throughout the entire process, not just at the event.


The key to successful event photography is not just at the event, but especially before when checking requirements, scope, deliverables.

During the event is obviously important, but so too is afterwards – especially if there’s processing work to be done, or edits, or even additional services such as printing and posting.

Conclusion: choosing an event photographer for your corporate event who will be unique and original

The success of your event may pivot on the skill of the  event photographer you choose; do you really want to risk everything by making the wrong choice?

Don’t just choose the cheapest, or the friendliest, or the most famous event photographer. Of course, choose the one :-

  • that convinces you they can fulfil all your requirement
  • has the correct technical skills and a stunning portfolio
  • has relevant professional experience
  • provides great financial value

Most of all, though, choose the one that listens to your needs and is original in their approach.

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