Larson&Holz – reliable company with excellent reviews from traders

Larson&Holz – reliable company with excellent reviews from traders

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Any of us is trying to find a reliable brokerage company that would provide a quality access to the financial markets. And it is quite obvious that the brokerage companies, whose reputation is, to put it mildly, doubtful, we try to ignore. Choosing a company from the list of one most authoritative rating agency, we got the eye of the brokerage company Larson&Holz. At that time, we did not know what the given company was, but since it was on the list, it means there is something in it. In a rating so simply do not get. Moreover, the brokerage company before the conclusion of the light, is tested according to various criteria. If the company meets the necessary parameters, it is listed as a brokerage company. If not, it remains overboard.

 The first thing that any self-respecting trader pays attention to is the availability of a license to conduct brokerage activities. Larson&Holz has a license, even two. This means that it is supervised by higher authorities. The first body is the CROF. The organization is located on the territory of the Russian Federation, and controls the work of brokerage companies. Any brokerage company that has received a license from the CROF has the full right to provide brokerage services to the public. And the second body licensed in Europe is CySEC. A license from this organization is very difficult to obtain, as the brokerage company undergoes the most severe verification. Any error in the broker’s work can lead to the fact that the license simply will not be given. Larson&Holz has licenses from the two authorities listed above. But why it is so important for traders to have a license. Any certified brokerage company operates within certain limits, and must adhere to the rules for the provision of services. The supervisory authority carries out regular inspections. If the client is dissatisfied with the work of the brokerage company, he first applies to the technical support of the brokerage company. If he was not satisfied with the support response, the client has the right to apply to the CROF. After this, lengthy checks of the controversial issue begin. But he is already being investigated by the controlling body. In Larson & Holz, there are no cases of clients contacting this body. As a result, the CROF makes a final decision on the contentious issue. The broker is obliged to execute it. Well, if the brokerage company is not certified, the client does not have the opportunity to appeal against the broker’s decision.

Term of the broker’s work. We all know that reliable brokers have been working for a long time. Larson&Holz has been working since 2004. This is a long time. Therefore, it is believed that the brokerage company experienced the economic and political turmoil that was in this period of time. Indeed, the strongest crisis was in 2008-2009. Larson&Holz overcame it. Very often, the effective strategy of the brokerage company, not to be confused with the strategy of the trader, brings a positive result, and allows you to withstand in difficult periods. In the same period, companies, without a specific system strategy, are taken out of the arena, as if they were not. So, the company Larson&Holz not only survived, but also changed. For the better. Usually companies in a crisis try to keep a measured pace of work. Well, the company even added a few useful services. And this despite the fact that the crisis was in full swing. It is considered that at these moments the company shows its true face. So, in view of the period of work, the company Larson&Holz can be called reliable. This is the second criterion, which is also positive.

Few people know, but the payment systems that the brokerage company has, are an indicator of effective work. More precisely, any brokerage company can be verified by contacting the administration of the payment system. If the administration constantly receives complaints from traders with negative reviews, it can stop working with the problem broker. This happens very often. In particular, if the broker systematically does not withdraw the clients’ money. The exception is bank transfers. An official request is required. About the brokerage company Larson&Holz, there are no complaints in the payment systems. This means that the conclusions are being implemented, and there are no problems with customers with this. There are times when the client incorrectly makes an application for withdrawal of funds. If the application is drawn up incorrectly, the financial department notifies the client about it. And helps in drawing up another application. This is also no problem.

Customer reviews about the company Larson&Holz. A criterion that is ambiguous. But still, according to this criterion, many brokers choose, if not most. But the fact is that any review can be simply bought. It is only necessary to lay out a task for freelancers, and reviews will flow a stream. Both good and bad. But to identify them for accuracy is very difficult. But probably. First, if the feedback about the company is not supported by any facts, but only by unfounded allegations, then we have a winded up review. Secondly, the review may not correspond to the general theme of the brokerage company. Such reviews mention such services, which the company has never had. Any feedback should be characterized by facts. If the company is bad, produce evidence. In response, silence. Judging by the feedback on the brokerage company Larson&Holz, a positive trend is becoming noticeable. That is, positive feedback, supported by facts, is much more negative. As for the latter, there is no description of the problem that was created, nor the screenshots. Nothing at all.

We examined several criteria regarding the brokerage company Larson&Holz, and we come to the conclusion that the company can be trusted. In general, positive moments are much more negative.

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