Maintenance of Digital Check Scanners

Maintenance of Digital Check Scanners

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We see an increasing number of companies using digital check scanners these days for check processing. These check scanners are helping the companies improving the productivity of their people, increase the accuracy and speed of processing, and reduce costs.

However, we ought to remember that digital scanners are just a piece of technology. This means they are going to need regular maintenance to ensure that they keep performing in the best possible manner. Maintenance of digital scanners includes periodic cleaning. Let’s see how to clean Panini Scanner.

Why Clean a Digital Scanner?

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Since digital check scanners are exposed to the natural environment, small particles of dust and other pollutants build up in the device. When this happens, the scanner is unable to read the information on the cheques correctly causing errors and throwing up false alerts. A situation like this can be highly embarrassing for a teller. The customers who have been waiting in line patiently can get irked because with automation they expect faster service.

When to Clean a Digital Scanner?

The frequency of cleaning a digital scanner will depend on the amount of scanning you do. There are companies are scanning less than 50 checks a day and then there will be organizations who are scanning more than 100 checks a day. So a good rule of thumb would be to clean the scanner after 1500 scans or twice in a month.

How to Clean a Digital Scanner?

The most commonly used method for cleaning digital scanners is using check scanner cleaning cards. You can run these pre-saturated disposable cleaning cards through the machine just like a regular cheque. The card will collect the dust particles and clean the interior mechanism of the device. This way you don’t have to dismantle the device for cleaning purposes.

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