New birth certificate

New birth certificate

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Do you need a new birth certificate? There are plenty of situations where you or a dependent may be in need of a new copy. Sometimes we can simply lose track of where we kept the copy, or maybe the notary seals and integrity of the document have worn away over time. However, if there are situations where you need to produce this document, you don’t want to come empty-handed or hand over a questionable looking birth certificate.

In fact, having a birth certificate available at all times is useful for verifying your identity, name changes, school registrations, and legal proceedings. Though it seems like you rarely need one, when you do need one, you need one quickly. You can’t afford to sit around for a month to register your child for kindergarten, and you definitely don’t want to keep an employer hanging if you need to verify your citizenship for a job. To save yourself time and hassle, order a new birth certificate quickly and confidently with

The Old Way= Room for Error

When you order birth certificates the traditional way, you’ll need to fill out lengthy forms, hand-write your information, make photocopies of your identification, write a check for the fee, and then put it all in the mailbox to the state. Then, cross your fingers and hope that you did everything correctly, because if you didn’t, your application will be rejected, and you’ll have to go through the whole process again—which includes sending another processing fee.

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When you’re in charge of all the paperwork without comprehensive assistance, it’s easy to make a tiny mistake that puts your application at risk of rejection. On top of all this, you can be waiting over a month for your records to come in since you have to figure in snail mail and slow processing procedures.

Getting a Birth Certificate Online = Convenient

When you order your new birth certificate through the only A rated BBB accredited online birth certificate acquisition service,, you’ll pay experts to do everything for you.  All you’ll need is to send us some identification and answer a brief questionnaire that takes less than 5 minutes. You can then opt to pay more for expedited processing, which can get the records that you need in your hands in as little as 4 business days.

Timing is Everything

When time is of the essence, why risk paperwork errors or long processing times? You have plenty of other issues to attend to in life than to babysit the status of your vital record application. Instead, let us take care of it all so you can spend your time in better ways!

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