Office admin recruitment London

Office admin recruitment London

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An office admin has the role of ensuring that procedures flow smoothly and supports the directors by conducting various office duties. During the recruitment of an office admin, it is essential to hire the experienced ones who will undertake the responsibilities effectively.

Duties of an Office Admin

If you wish to benefit from any office admin recruitment, you should have the ability and experience to conduct a couple of tasks as follows.

  • Arranging meeting through booking rooms, scheduling the suitable meeting time and planning for refreshments.
  • Communicating with relevant agencies about various issues.
  • Handling billing cycles and expenses.
  • Answering and transferring calls.
  • Printing, formatting and drafting documents.
  • Taking office notes and preparing agendas.
  • Management of reception services.
  • Control of outgoing posts.
  • Attending conferences and workshops.

Qualifications and Skills of a Good Office Admin

The aim of office admin recruitment London is to get individuals who can work under minimum supervision and those who have office management experience. The individual should be able to handle confidential data, have outstanding customer care and technical skills, excellent in record keeping, strong organisation and prioritisation skills and ability to multitask.

Tips for Recruiting the Best Office Admin

There is an increasing demand for office administrators in London; it is good for managers to use the best means possible to attract qualified candidates. For instance, it is essential to cast their nets wide for a high likelihood of getting the best candidate. They can also seek skilled recruiters’ services from office admin recruitment jobs.

Pay full attention while interviewing candidates and observe their communication skills and other requirements. Use the interview to learn about their professional maturity to recruit the best. It is also essential to check references; contact past employers and get their feedback.

Office administrators play a significant role in the firm. It is, therefore, essential to recruit the best in London if you wish to improve your business. Hire the candidates who know what they are expected to do well and those who are highly experienced.

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