Sontex: Leading Suppliers of Shrink Wrap Machinery and Accessories

Sontex: Leading Suppliers of Shrink Wrap Machinery and Accessories

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Sontex is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of shrink wrap machines and accessories, offering a whole host of packaging equipment and accessories with options suitable for all possible needs and requirements. The company serve many companies throughout many different industries on a daily basis and could help you too. However, what exactly do the company offer? Keep on reading to find out!

Machinery and Accessories Offered by Sontex

  • New, used and reconditioned packaging machinery with options suitable for all possible needs and requirements
  • Chamber shrink-wrap machines that can be used with both PVC and polyolefin films. Sontex are the longest established supplier of machinery of this kind and have a wide range available for their customers to choose from
  • L sealers and shrink tunnels – Sontex have many of these in stock for their customers to choose from and can build bespoke machines for people. These machines can use polythene and PE shrink film
  • Sleeve wrapper machines with manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic options – These machines use polythene film
  • Automatic side seal machines. These machines wrap products incredibly quickly and can wrap up to 65 packs per minute when working in full force
  • Hand and foot operated bag sealing machines that are suitable for all types of plastic bags and foil laminate bags
  • PVC, polyolefin and polythene shrink wrap film, all available with UK next day delivery. These films are all available in a range of sizes and thicknesses
  • Audion Magneta bad sealers that have magnetic jaw clampers and cutters
  • Heavy duty bag sealers and bag making machines
  • Semi-automatic pallet wrappers and pallet wrapping machines of a wide variety, all of which come with 12 months warranty
  • Manual and semi-automatic skin packing machinery
  • Medical sealing machinery with precise temperature control for validation
  • Vacuum sealers in a range of styles including but not limited to bench and free standing chamber type vacuum sealers
  • High speed rotary sealers
  • Automatic bad makers designed to for producing large bags and heavy duty sacks
  • Stainless steel packaging machines, perfect for food production environments and more
  • Shrink wrap machinery spare parts so that their customers can really make the most out of their shrink machinery
  • Other accessories such as bubble wrap, vacuum pouches, hand stretch wrap film and case tapers

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