The Importance of Easy Setup and Purchase Process as a Factor Facilitating Widespread Adoption of Robots

The Importance of Easy Setup and Purchase Process as a Factor Facilitating Widespread Adoption of Robots

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While the robot purchase and set-up process has gotten more efficient over the years, it is important to note that it is still a long way from being seamless.

Usually, robot incorporation involves a long process with various steps. First, you must carry out a careful analysis which involves determining which part of the production process will produce the highest ROI when automated.

Next, you need to choose the manufacturer from whom you will source your robot arm. Once the manufacturer carries out their research and has determined the risk and advised accordingly, it is time to purchase the robot arm together with the other accessories such as a gripper.

The final step is, of course, the set-up which depending on the needed requirements might also take a considerable amount of time.

With that in mind, and in a bid to ensure the purchase and set-up process is as fast and seamless as possible, leading collaborative robots manufactures—Universal Robots—have gone out of their way to simplify this process.

Ways UR Are Simplifying the Robot Purchase and Setup Process

One of the ways they are simplifying the process is via the company’s online marketplace. In conjunction with its collaborative robots arms, the online marketplace offers free Universal Robots training. That means adopting and implementing automation becomes easier as the purchaser quickly understands how to maximize the cobots for a hundred percent efficiency.

Second is the fact that cobots by Universal Robots support some third-party hardware and software solutions. This gives the robots a certain level of flexibility. With that kind of flexibility, purchasing any extra hardware parts or software is not difficult.

Finally, is the fact that cobots by Universal Robots can be wholly modified in the future for a different task to suit emerging needs. Note that this is not reprogramming for the same function, but a situation where you can swap one gripper for another and the robot arm is suddenly performing an entirely different task. That kind of diversity goes a long way in increasing efficiency in the purchase process because you do not need to buy another arm when needs shift.

Benefits of an Easy Buying and Setting Up Process

i. Reduced Excuses

A common excuse, especially by SMEs is that the reason they are yet to embrace automation is the complicated set-up and purchase process. The efforts to simplify this process not only by Universal Robots but other manufacturers is a great way to eliminate the excuses and increase widespread adoption of collaborative robots.

ii. There Is Less Resistance Towards Robot Adoption

It is human nature that we desire things that are easy to understand and implement. With a simplified set-up process, the resistance—which is a huge reason why companies are resisting robot adoption—will be minimized

iii. Higher ROI

Arguably the most significant benefit of an easy purchase and set-up process. It is indisputable that robots have a high ROI. However, it goes without saying that when you can implement a robot system, learn to use the system comprehensively and start using it to the maximum in the shortest amount of time possible, then your ROI time can be as little as 3 months.

That is what an easy purchase and set-up process brings to the table.

iv. SMEs Will Greatly Profit

A common factor with SMEs is that they do not have a lot of money to sink into the robot adoption process. If the automation process takes a long time, it follows that it will consume more money.

An easy set-up and purchase process ensures only the necessary amount of money is consumed and that costs are kept to a minimum. Consequently, SMEs will have an easier time automating their processes sans financial strain.

Final Word

Collaborative robot manufacturers should invest more in making the buying and set-up process of collaborative robots as seamless as possible. Only then will the kind of growth predicted by various reports see the light of day.

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