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What Actually Happens Behind The Scenes

A lot of people usually wonder why something as simple as a two- to three-minute video can take about three days to a full week to produce. When hiring a professional Los Angeles video production company to do their video, a lot of the same people ask for an estimated time of completion and are shocked when the answer is basically “much longer than they expected.”

The truth is that there is so much more to the video production process than just shooting, editing, and forwarding the final product. You can chunk it all down into three major stages, but even then there’s a lot happening in those three major stages.


The first stage to the production process is all about creativity and prep time. Using a sportsmetaphor, pre-production is essentially the weeks leading up to the big game, where the coaches are logging play after play in their playbook and the athletes are training six up to ten hours a day and sticking to their diet like crazy.

Storyboarding, visual planning, location scouting, script writing, talent hiring, and the like all happen during pre-production. As The Video Effect puts it, this planning phase “sets the overall vision of the project.” It’s when and where you build the foundation for your video, and therefore should not be taken lightly. Seeing as it’s the (almost literal) calm before the storm, use this time to gather additional resources; makeup artists, additional talent, backdrops (if necessary) and props, costume and wardrobe, and so on.

The more things you get right during pre-production, the less damage control that has to happen during production and post-production.


The Production stage actually begins the minute you start rolling. Everything else before that—setting the scene, placing the actors, touch-ups to makeup and wardrobe—still counts as part of pre-production. This is where it all comes together. This is where all the craziness that happened during pre-production finally smoothens out into a workable, usable product.

Cincera recommends shooting as many extra elements as you can. If that means doing a couple retakes or taking alternative shots, then do it. As long as your chosen Los Angeles video production company doesn’t have a set footage limit per project, taken full advantage and shoot as much as you can. Having banked footage just waiting in your archives for future video projects is never a bad thing.

The production stage is definitely one of the busiest stages, mostly because it’s the one under the most time pressure. Because many talents, locations, backdrops, and props are usually rented and charged a per-day (or even per hour) fee, the production crew is pressured to wrap things up in the quickest time possible in order to avoid going over budget. Actors and actresses have their own schedules to follow as well, and adding an additional day or two of shooting can throw them off completely.


Post-production is where the magic happens. This is the stage where video and audio editors, visual effects artists, and graphic designers get to shine. Once all the footage has been captured and everything to do with shooting has been wrapped up—the actors get sent home, the props are returned, and the backdrops get put away into storage—then post-production really begins.

Again, completion time for post-production can take anywhere between a few days to a week. Editing alone can take up three to five days. Audio cutting and editing may be a little quicker at one to three. Visual effects, graphics, and last-minute additional elements can be crammed into one day, but the more time they have to work with, the better.

In the end, Los Angeles video productionis a crazy, fast-paced process that rarely allows the people involved any time to breathe. It can take up a good chunk of your money, time, and resources. Despite every effort you put into it, there’s never even a guarantee that the video is automatically going to go big or viral (unless you work at it, of course). However,when the video does work in your marketing campaign, all the pain and frustration you experienced in each stage magically becomes worth it.

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