Things to Do Before Your Next Conference Meeting

Holding a conference meeting is essential in any industry. The right conference can prove to be a game changer for your business. More importantly, the conference executed in a right way can turn out to be a goldmine of prospects, so be prepared! Conferences revolve around valuable time, money and energy. If nothing is accomplished during them, they can turn out to be frustrating and time sucker. As a result, employees will feel loathing to be part of such activities.

In order to make them productive, here are few suggestions to work on before you conduct the next conference meeting.

Identify what you want to accomplish from the meeting

It is curial to understand the basic purpose of the meeting. Before the start of the meeting, you need to list down the goals you want to achieve and present it to all the stakeholders. You can also send a pre-reading before the meeting to educate the participants about the major points that need to be discussed in the meeting. This will help the members to know what to expect from the speaker.

Develop the agenda for the meeting

Once the purpose of the meeting is ready. You need to work on the agenda of the meeting. Plan time for the introduction and discussion.  Also, decide the sequence and amount of time each item will take. Circulate the agenda to employees and make sure you are ready to discuss every mentioned point.

Keep a keen follow up to the invitation to key participants

Along with calendar invite send a personal invitation to all the key participants and stakeholder. In case of doubt that invitation can go unseen invite them in person to make sure they will attend the meeting. Likewise, a productive meeting can be arranged. A follow up call a day before the meeting will make sure the number of invitees that are coming to attend the conference.

Encourage participation

In order to keep a friendly and approachable atmosphere in the meeting do not let few prominent people drive the meeting and make everyone comfortable enough to pour in their ideas. However, a few participants can be assigned an explicit role to increase the focus of the conference. They can work as an expert who can share their knowledge on specific issues. A contributor who helps to retain the life of the discussion. A facilitator who can guide the discussion and make sure all corners of the problem is touched.

Prepare yourself

When having so many people in the meeting, it is difficult to stay on the topic. Therefore, get ready accordingly. You need to draft and practice your presentation and take care of any special details. Being well prepared for the day can boost your level of confidence,and you can conduct a successful meeting.

As meeting are the backbone of any setup so next time when you prepare for a conference do use these checkpoints to stay well prepared. Book a hall with, which you feel would best serve the purpose.