Things You Need to Know Before Transacting with a Mortgage Note Buyer

Things You Need to Know Before Transacting with a Mortgage Note Buyer

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Real estate note holders often don’t understand the difference between a note broker and a mortgage note buyer. In fact, they are unaware of the benefits of working with each. The person who buys a real estate note directly from the note holder becomes the note investor. As such, he or she becomes responsible for providing the cash for the note sale. You are unlikely to incur commissions or brokerage fees if the deal didn’t involve a third party. Selling a mortgage note to a direct note buyer makes the transaction far much smoother because you eliminate brokerage fees and commission.

The mortgage note broker doesn’t have to use his or her cash for buying the note. Instead, the broker helps you find the most suitable note investor. Often, mortgage note brokers have an extensive network of note investors that you can utilize to find the best match for your promissory note. Promissory note brokers earn through commissions paid to them by note holders when the transaction concludes. In some cases, a real estate note buyer may act as either a note broker or a note investor depending on the features of the note and the location of the property. That gives sellers the added advantage of ensuring that mortgage note buyers such as Amerinote Xchange meet their sales goals. Either way, it is essential for note holders to work with reputable real estate note buyers and ensure that they have confidence and trust in them. Your goal is to find the best match for your promissory note regardless of whether you are working with a note broker or note investor. Here is how you can determine if a prospective real estate note buyer or broker is trustworthy.

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Working with a licensed note buyer or broker is essential. That way, you can be sure that the note buyer will adhere to the industry standards and protect your rights. It is also advantageous to work with a note buyer who has an established history. The experience and expertise that the note buyer demonstrates will determine the success of the note sale. Often, knowledgeable note buyers have more resources than ill-informed buyers.


It is critical to check the reputation of a prospective note buyer before committing to anything. You could ask around and talk to references about a potential note buyer. There will be signs of dissatisfaction if several people have been unhappy with the services of a prospective note buyer. You could just conduct a Google search on the note buyer’s profile and check the status of their license. You could also ask the Better Business Bureau to provide you with the reviews of a prospective note buyer.

Compare Quotes

Comparing quotes can help a note holder to uncover any hidden fees. Sometimes, you may not feel confident with the integrity of a note buyer even after he or she has answered all your questions. As such, you can look around to see if you can find a trustworthy note buyer.

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