Tips on How to Maintain Your HVAC System and Save Energy Costs

Tips on How to Maintain Your HVAC System and Save Energy Costs

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It can be quite frustrating to pay high bills for your commercial space. While energy costs escalate due to multiple reasons, one of the problems could be in your HVAC system. The unit could be faulty or ineffective causing high-power usage for optimal function. Therefore, you need to take action by carrying out the following maintenance tasks.

Change the Filters

When filters clog with dust or other debris, they block the airflow leading to a less efficient system. You can tell it’s time to change your filter if you fail to see the light passing through the filter. Air filters should function properly for a couple of months. However, it’s advisable to schedule an inspection every month to ascertain the suitability of the filters.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

During the winter months, it’s common to leave your heating system running at a higher temperature. Same way, when it’s warmer, the system can keep cold all day even when you are away. This can cause a rise in your energy bills.

A great way to solve the problem is by dropping and raising the temperatures during winter and summer respectively. Programmable thermostats can switch into your preferred temperature rate at specific times. So, when you are not working, the HVAC system can run at a low rate saving you more on energy bills.

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Acquire Energy Efficient Equipment for Your System

As time passes by, older systems may start to deteriorate in function leading to more power usage. If your unit lasts a few years without replacing the equipment, you could end up paying more as they fail with time. Although getting a new system replacement can be expensive, consider changing a few parts at first especially those you haven’t changed before. With the help of a technician, you can acquire star- rated appliances that can save you more on energy.

Inspect the Fan, Bearings, and Belts

Although such equipment does not directly affect energy consumption, it is essential to have them in the right form as replacing them could be expensive. Depending on the size of the fans, it can take a while to clean up. Commercial HVAC Austin TX technicians can help to assess the situation of the belts and bearings for replacement or repair.

Clean and Adjust the Dampers

Inefficient dampers can affect indoor air quality and translate to high energy consumption. The dampers keep the compressor from operating when the outdoor air is lower than the optimum point. If they are not cleaned and lubricated regularly, they stick causing a barrier to free air movement. On this note, all movable parts of the system should be oiled and cleaned on a regular basis.

You can save a substantial amount of money by implementing these energy saving tips. Carry out regular inspection of your commercial HVAC system to help identify issues and implement prompt measures. Consult with your technician if you notice a fault with the system’s equipment. Most importantly, ensure you upgrade to energy efficient equipment to save more on energy expenses.


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