Wedding Venue Bliss with Refrigeration Rental

Wedding Venue Bliss with Refrigeration Rental

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Are you the manager or owner of a:

  • Restaurant?
  • Pub?
  • Hotel?
  • Community centre?
  • Events centre?
  • Country home?
  • Boat that hosts events?

And are you going to be rushed off your feet for the glorious summery months of wedding season?


Every wedding planner and events venue owner appreciates that their clients assume that they’ll ensure that their day is perfect. It’s their special day and you have the ominous duty of working wonders.

An outdoor fridge hire unit situated adjacent to a marquee will save on legwork, fridge trailers by the kitchen windows will encourage less trips in to the kitchen and refrigeration rental may just save your sanity in a crisis.

The onus is on you and your establishment’s team to have the champagne chilled and the flowers fresh. The food, from gluten free to vegetarian to vegan, a la carte, carvery and buffet, must be ready to melt in the mouth at its optimum sumptuousness. No exceptions, no upsets. You’re a hero.

That said, you don’t want to take a chance that anything, minor or major, will go wrong so have you investigated the following:

That you have more than adequate refrigeration and freezer space to accommodate demands and additional surprises?

Do you have a swift and effective back up plan if one of the onsite facilities chooses this peak time to break down or develop a fault?

If not, do you really relish Bridezilla taking to social media to decry your venue for serving melted sorbet, lacklustre canapes and allowing the flowers and corsages to droop?

Fear not, refrigeration rental is easy to arrange, competitively priced, meets legislation and is hygienic. Fridge trailers are consistently less expensive than fridge vans which necessitate fuel costs and trailers are more discreet.

By thinking ahead, you can save a lot of stress. Check your fridge and freezer capacities and then estimate how much additional space you’ll require. Speaking to a leading refrigeration rental firm like Icecool Trailers in Newbury will help you to identify the size unit that you’ll need. This firm covers Berkshire, Hampshire, the Home Counties, the Thames Valley, South Wales, London and the Midlands.

Outdoor fridge hire companies can deliver within hours in emergencies but it is highly advisable to book your refrigeration rental facilities prior to the wedding season so that you don’t have difficulties sourcing the size and type of facilities you require. Peak time for you is, of course, peak time for your competitors. Don’t let them snaffle your outdoor fridge trailers.

  • The hire firm delivers, sets up, down-powers and collects the outdoor fridge hire unit.
  • The fridge trailers look professional and create a good impression.
  • Trailers can be run via mains power or a generator.
  • Facilities are located exactly where they are required, even if that’s the middle of a rolling lawn.
  • Fridge trailers can be worked in without contravening health and safety legislation.
  • They are lockable.

Speak to a leading reputable firm about outdoor fridge hire today and make your wedding hosting duties worry free.

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