What Different Kinds of Digital Printing are Available Nowadays?

What Different Kinds of Digital Printing are Available Nowadays?

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Whether or not you are aware of the fact, you have probably seen many thousands of digitally printed posters and banners, over the years and may even be able to see one from where you are right now! Now, for those out there who are unaware of what digital printing actually refers to, let us take a closer look.

What is known as digital printing is a printing process that makes use of electronic files in its print production. There are two sorts of apparatus which are utilised to produce digital printing and they are the Direct Imaging Press (DI) and the Digital Colour Printer.

  • The three different kinds of digital printing are known as On-Demand, Variable Data, and Web-to-Print.

Uses and Methods

The DI and Digital Colour Printer are both utilised for rapid, short-runs of digital printing, but they are quite different and produce different finishes.

  • DI Presses are established on an offset, or conventional printing technique which generates the images automatically and can be waterless.
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Digital Colour Printers make use of electrophotography, Inkjet, or Xerography to generate images with toners, dry-ink which is available at needink.com, or various dyes. A DI Press will normally develop a better quality of end results, whereas printing conducted by a Digital Colour Printer is still worthy of comparison to traditional offset printing.

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Various Types for Various Jobs

Printing which is undertaken by On-Demand, or Print-on-Demand (POD), allows for small volumes of printing and is ideal for any businesses which need to regularly update their printed material.

A Digital Colour Printer is commonly used for On-Demand printing, except for when a higher print quality is required, and on such an occasion the DI Press should be employed. However, should quality and timebe of the essence, a waterless DI Press with its faster drying time, is deemed more appropriate.

Personalised for Every Client

What is called “Variable Data Printing” (VDP), is a personalised and custom kind of digital printing. A collection of data holding particular consumer information helps to make everyitem of the same mail design customised to every receiver.

Nearly all consumers like to have customised mail as it is more unique and because databases usually include customer desires and ordering history to hasten the communication procedure.

  • VDP digital printing is ideal for providing the same elemental data to a group, while at the same time fine-tuning the information to every single customer.

Up With the Times

Web-Enabled printing, letsany online mail items to be customised in a print management programme. Purchasers may select images,like photos to include in things such as brochures.

Proofs are displayed online and when ready, with just a single click,it can be sent to the print supplier who will typically have the wished for quantity of digital print in the post to the customer in one to two days. Modern printing is here to stay!

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