What Questions Should You Ask at Interview for a Cannabis Job?

What Questions Should You Ask at Interview for a Cannabis Job?

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Competition for cannabis jobs is quite intense at the moment. I know of some dispensaries who have been looking for an employee who have had over 50 applications for a single job. Therefore, if you are one of those applicants, you need to show why you are the stand out candidate from the competition. It can often be difficult to do this, but one way you can get a head start on other candidates is to ask questions during your interview. Why you may ask? Well, it shows you are engaged, interested and keen to find out more about the place of business that you are looking to work for.

From personal experience, I wouldn’t hire anybody for my business if they didn’t ask a question during or at the closing of the interview. Why? Because there are so many questions I would have as a new employee when I am looking to get started within the cannabis business.

What is the best way to ask well-thought out questions during your interview? You don’t necessarily have to wait until the end of the interview. By asking questions during the interview, it can relax the tone of the entire conversation and make the process less rigid and terrifying. At the end of the day, you need to ask questions which clarify to yourself whether this is the right job for you aswell. For example, you may not have the experience that is required to carry out the tasks that are being asked of you, or if you are an experienced individual, the tasks required may be below what you would usually do.

Think of questions that are beyond the norm. For example, you can ask the interviewer to share their opinion on something personal. If they reply saying they’ve never been asked that before, it will show to your interviewer that you have thought outside the box. Here are three questions we would recommend you ask:

  • “If you were looking to apply for this position, which area of the job would you personally focus on improving?”
  • “Can you tell me something this company has done or achieved that you are particularly proud of?”. This will allow you to gauge whether the business is different and is forward thinking.
  • “Can you think of one rule or law from another state that you would like to see in this state?”. This will show how in touch the business is with rules and laws that are changing on a regular basis. The cannabis industry is full of rules, and if the business you are looking to apply for doesn’t adhere to these rules, they can land you and the business in a lot of trouble.

So, this will give you a flavour of why asking questions in an interview is so important. You can search for cannabis jobs near me on Cannabis.net.

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