What to Consider When Choosing a Long-Term Dental Supplier

What to Consider When Choosing a Long-Term Dental Supplier

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Choosing a dental supplier is critical to the long-term success of your dental practice. The last thing you want to do is to “hook up” with a supplier who doesn’t take your needs into consideration and offer a reliable service which is cost effective. If they missed a large delivery for example, you could be left without important treatment supplies leading to appointment cancellations. As you can see, if you do your research and choose a supplier that is able to offer your dental supplies in a timely and cost-effective manner, this will give your dental practice a firm basis on which to build for the future.

Factors to Consider

Reliability of the Supplier

Keeping promises is essential for a fruitful professional relationship. If your suppliers say they will have an order with you in 2 days, it is important that they stick to that promise. Failure to do so means a loss of trust between both partners, which can be difficult to recover from. If this is a regular occurrence, it is time to look for another supplier who can offer a trust worthy service. Of course, if it has only happened once and they make a reasonable excuse and apologise for a missed delivery, this is a sign of a good supplier.

Pricing of Supplies

There are many suppliers out there who may offer a good service but have a high premium for this service. It is important to not overspend as this can affect the practice’s profitability. Some suppliers also start off with inexpensive prices, but slowly over time there will be a gradual rise in prices. Sometimes suppliers recognize there will be a lot of upheaval with changing suppliers, so they think small increases won’t have any effect on their customers. As a dentist myself, I always get annoyed at price rises, then forget about it and do nothing afterwards!

Communication Between Both Parties

We always believe that speaking on the phone to your supplier goes a long way to cementing a good working relationship between the supplier and your dental practice. It can be rather easy to just order through the website and never speak with the supplier at all. If you can build up over time a personal connection, the supplier will want to do well for you and ensure they offer the very best service to you in return.
Also, before you decide on the best supplier for your practice, make sure you read reviews from past customers of the dental supplier. Companies that have been around for many years tend to be still in existence for a reason!

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