Why Does Your Business Need SEO?

Why Does Your Business Need SEO?

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Millions of blog posts are published every single day which resultsinto more than one hundred posts and articles every second!

It is a crazy statistic and this ratio increases the level of difficulty of being able to stand out and share your messaging through content creation, accordingly.

Content quality is not the one and only thing that is required to be at the top of the search engine list but optimisation is also a factor greatly required.

More than 70% of searches are made on Google and appearing on its first can be a great index for the company’s success.

We all talk about SEO and know it as a ‘search engine optimisation’, but very few of us are aware of things which are actually needed to produce strong levels of optimisation.

Parameters needed to be considered can be writing, format, design, links, and further, more complex details. All combining to create a website and page with a high domain authority, recognised by the online data scraping systems.


SEO can be defined as a way of increasing the visibility of a web page or website in a search engine unpaid results. SEO isn’t just limited to a specific kind of text searches but it is for various searches like image search, video search, news search, and industry-specific vertical search engines.

Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the major search engines where searches are, generally, made.

Reasons you should employ SEO for your business

  1. Proper optimisation for better ranking and better user-experience

Optimisation means optimising URLs, images, page titles, length of the content, header tags, page loading time, low bounce rates, mobile-friendly designs etc. Proper website optimisation is so required because people can get better user experience.

Today, user-experience plays a significant role in a ranking factor. For instance: there’s a website that is device-friendly and at the other hand there’s a website that could only be accessed on the desktop, the chances are that you will surely go for the former one because it is user-friendly.

All these three factors-optimisation, ranking and user-experience are interrelated to each other. Hence, to increase the ranking factor you must optimise your content as well as your website.

  1. Increase in traffic

When your website will rank high in the SERPs there would be a great increase in the traffic to your website.

I won’t say that you will get an immediate result but the result is sure in the long term through consistent work. You need to be a little patient about it. The moment you will start using SEO, the traffic to your website will start increasing gradually.

  1. Brand awareness

One of the top secrets of SEO is that if your website ranks top in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, your customers are more likely to prefer and trust your brand in comparison to other brands, when they search for something specific.

Hence, I would recommend you to invest in SEO for sure for better ranking and for brand awareness.

  1. Better conversion rates

An SEO optimised website is better in every aspects because it is easy-to-use, device compatible (can be accessed on mobile as well as on tablet), loads faster, easy to read and search, and more.

Generally, websites that are well-optimised grabs the attention of the audience or visitors. Because such websites make it easy for them to read and navigate. Those audiences or the readers are the ones who are capable of becoming your loyal customers. More paying customers, better conversion.

Therefore, make sure your website is optimised with SEO.

  1. Increased ROI

You can see how things are interrelated to each other. Proper optimization will get your website a better ranking. A better ranking in return will bring in more traffics and as a result of which people will get aware of your brand and ultimately your conversion rates will increase.

And it’s so obvious that when there would a better conversion, there would a better and increased ROI.

  1. Makes you stand out among millions

Last but not the least, it’s very difficult to get into views of others when millions and billions of others like you and better than you are actually standing in the queue. SEO acts as a game changer here.

It will boost your website’s performance, optimise the things required and hence will make you stand out your competitors.

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