Why the Big Green Egg Uses Lump Charcoal Instead of Briquettes

Why the Big Green Egg Uses Lump Charcoal Instead of Briquettes

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There are plenty of unique things about the Big Green Egg that make it stand out from other grills. From their unique color and shape to the remarkable ease of operation and convenient cleanup, it’s little wonder why you’re seeing more Big Green Eggs for sale.

 One unique aspect of the Big Green Egg is that it uses lump charcoal instead of the charcoal briquettes typically used with most other grills. The following explains why lump charcoal is the fuel of choice for the Big Green Egg.

 More Controllable Heat

 Getting cooking temperatures just right for your food can be a hassle, but the Big Green Egg makes heat control much easier. The secret lies not just in the grill’s design, but also how lump charcoal performs compared to briquettes.

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 Lump charcoal not only lights faster than ordinary charcoal briquettes, but the coals also burn hotter and more thoroughly. Lump charcoal also reacts easier to oxygen, making it easier to control temperatures simply by adjusting the Big Green Egg’s air flow.

 These qualities alone put lump charcoal head-and-shoulders above briquettes, but there are other reasons why it’s used exclusively with the Big Green Egg.

 Less Ash

 Heavy ash buildup can make cooking and cleanup a messy affair, especially if you’re using a conventional grill. The Big Green Egg is designed to make post-cookout cleanups faster and easier, but the grill’s unique design is only part of the story.

 Charcoal briquettes tend to produce large quantities of ash as they’re consumed, largely due to the various additives they use. Lump charcoal produces very little ash in comparison, making it easier and faster to clean out your Big Green Egg.

 You can also add attachments to speed up the cleaning process. For instance, the Kick Ash Basket attachment makes it even easier to remove used charcoal and dump ashes after each cook.


 It’s easy to assume that charcoal briquettes are a completely natural product. In reality, briquettes contain various additives that help them burn more consistently and stay lit for longer periods. The downside is that these additives also give off chemical odors as the briquettes initially burn, resulting in your favorite foods taking on unwanted flavors.

In comparison, lump charcoal is completely natural, with no additives to worry about. It’s also much easier to light, which means you won’t need any lighter fluid (which you shouldn’t use in your Big Green Egg anyway).

 The next time you see Big Green Eggs for sale, you might want to consider picking one up. Just leave the bag of charcoal briquettes behind.




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