Why your business probably needs its water testing

Why your business probably needs its water testing

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If you run a business or commercial property, it sometimes seems like there’s so many things you need to do – and you can’t always afford the time (or the money) to do them. Sometimes, this may be a ‘nice to have’ need, such as decorating or renovating, but unfortunately, there’s also some needs that you may not know that you need.

A good example here is water testing – which at first glance may seem unimportant or even irrelevant, but the truth actually is much, much worse. Not only does your business probably need its water testing, but you may actually be in a situation where you cannot afford not to have the water supply tested.

Why should I pay good money to have my water tested?

As an employer or a business, you’re no doubt aware of your responsibilities under Health and Safety legislation. If not, simply put, you have a duty of care towards your customers and employers to provide a safe place of work/business. Breaching Health and Safety regulations can be catastrophic for a business, as it could lead to business closure, fines, or even custodial sentences for business owners. Add into this the financial effects, which could be loss of business, lost productivity, legal damages or even fines.

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A water supply can be infected with bacteria such as legionella, which can prove fatal to human life. Particularly attention should be paid to water supplies, distribution and storage systems, air conditioning and even heating.

By hiring a water sampling company you will show you have taken your health and safety responsibilities seriously enough to sample and test your existing water infrastructure for any potential problems.

Of course, sampling is only the initial part of a comprehensive water treatment process, but if the samples show your water system to be clear and harmless, at least you can be reassured there is no public health risk.

Will I only a need a water sampling company to test my water?

In general, the more complex your water system is, the more potential there is harm or risk. For a complex system, or if you would seek to be particularly proactive and careful, a water sampling programme or a Risk Assessment could be implemented.

A Risk Assessment is to consider the risk to public health from your water system, and should include control measures according to relevant industry best practice. Should you run a business such as social care, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, industry, property or public buildings, clearly your potential risk for water-borne bacteria is higher than say a corner shop or small office.

Schools for example, will likely need not only a Risk Assessment but an annual review, which may involve inspections and sampling. A water sampling company would be an ideal choice for a detailed overview of all its water treatment systems, tanks, pipes etc. and the relative cost is minor compared to the potential risk of not undertaking water sampling.

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